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Letter from the President - Winter 2020

February 26, 2020 11:49 AM | Deleted user


I hope that the new year and decade has brought a renewed declaration for the passion we all feel for our work and institutions. What about AZH?  I am excited to share the large amount of work that has been happening over the last 5 months and how these efforts can offer you helpful resources, opportunities to get involved, and ways to impact your own zoo and aquarium horticulture programs.

Planning for the 2020 AZH “Art in the Garden” conference in Denver is well underway.  Denver Zoo is thrilled to host this year’s event and we are working hard, together with several of the committees, to offer a robust and thought provoking experience! Not to mention…having some fun in the Mile High city while we’re at it.  The Call for Presentations is live on the website.  Presenting is great way of sharing your challenges and insights relating to your world inside zoos and aquariums.  Our program is only as good as the presenters who make it!

Look for updates throughout the next few months: https://azh.org/Conference

During last year’s conference, I presented the drafted 2020-2025 strategic plan for the association.  Attendees participated in live action survey during the sessions to offer feedback to the board on the plan and the requested priority of focus and importance.  We have used that feedback to adjust the plan a bit and the board has approved the plan!  We will be working with every committee to implement the new plan over the next 5 years through a variety of action items for improved and new programs to offer.  This is an exciting plan and underscores the need for increased participation from our members so that we may better support each by reaching the goals of the plan. 

There have also been a large amount of board member changes and motions carried recently.  The offices of the Vice President and the Treasurer are currently vacant.  For reasons of career shifts, we received resignations from the past serving officers, but I am excited for both of them in their new endeavors.  I would like to thank both Kaaren Pearce and John Murgel for their commitment and service to this organization!! They will be missed. Please contact the Nominations Committee with your interest in running for the board this year. Serving on the AZH Board of Directors is an incredibly fun and rewarding experience!

Happy Upcoming Spring!

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