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APGA 2018 Garden Benchmarking Survey – Simple to Enter Data Seriously Powerful Results

July 10, 2018 2:19 PM | Anonymous

 2018 Garden Benchmarking

Simple to Enter Data
Seriously Powerful Results

"How to" webinar with Casey Sclar on July 13.

Report your 2016-17 Data by July 31.

The American Public Gardens Association Garden Benchmarking platform is now open for data entry for the most recent fiscal year. In order to make the results as useful as possible for you and your fellow garden professionals, we need all of our members to participate.

"The power of numbers is dramatic. You can talk to someone for two hours when one number can tell the whole story."
- Jane O. MacLeod, President and CEO, Cheekwood Estate and Gardens

Download the Data Entry Guide | Start Entering Data


Intro videos
Log-In and Enter Data | Compare Your Garden | Generate Reports

Join Association Executive Director Casey Sclar for a Garden Benchmarking "How To" webinar on Friday, July 13 at 1:30 EDT.

Learn how to not just enter data but use it to benefit your garden.

Webinar will cover Garden Benchmarking and Compensation & Benefits.

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"Benchmarking shows not only what we're best at, but also where there's room for improvement to help the bottom line... Without Benchmarking, it's a lot more work for a lot more people."
- Stephanie Jutila, President and CEO, Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden

Garden Benchmarking
Your garden's size, location, employees, volunteers and more!
Use the
Data Entry Guide to help your staff compile information.

Compensation and Benefits Benchmarking
Compare your employees' compensation and benefits packages to your peer gardens
Please note that due to the sensitive nature of the results, only Garden Leaders (CEOs, Executive Directors, Presidents, etc.) and their designees will have access to this data.

Your garden's specific data is private and confidential - 
it is never shared with anyone.

All shared results are shown as aggregate data and a minimum of five gardens are needed for any aggregate.

Coming Soon! - Plant Conservation and Biodiversity
Sustainability Index tools that can help your garden align with the North American Strategy for Plant Conservation and the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation.


"Click one button and you can have your own slide deck tailored to your garden."
- Brian Vogt, CEO, Denver Botanic Gardens

Specialized PDF, Excel, and PowerPoint Reports for your garden.

Three years of comprehensive information from hundreds of public gardens.

See where your garden compares to the 25th and 75th percentiles.

Filter your results by adjusting any of up to ten variables to match comparable gardens or create a specific peer group.

Your garden must have entered data to have access to benchmarking results.

Report your 2016-17 Data by July 31
Download the Data Entry Guide
 | Start Entering Data

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