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Course Description

The Association of Zoological Horticulture Browse & Toxic Plant online course is presented in partnership with Cypherworx via the San Diego Global Academy. This course is focused on two broad but interwoven topics: browse and toxic plants. This course will provide participants with an introduction to how plants are utilized for nutritional requirements, behavioral enrichment and training, and landscape protection within the habitat. It will also include a general overview of plant toxicity that is specific to zoos.

Course participants from both small and large organizations will benefit by gaining the skills and tools they need to: develop and harvest a browse garden; import browse if needed; collaborate with veterinary and nutrition staff to determine plants that are safe and appropriate to meet animal needs for nutrition and enrichment; work with keepers to track browse use; recognize the characteristics of plants that are toxic to zoo animals, and receive resources to obtain specific information that is relevant to their region.

The AZH Browse & Toxic Plants course is applicable to audiences within the areas of public horticulture and environmental education to include:

  • professionals within zoos & aquariums
  • botanical gardens and arboreta
  • parks and recreation areas
  • veterinary programs at college/university
  • research organizations that house and manage animals
  • poison control centers
  • wildlife rescue programs
  • habitat restoration organizations

Other AZH courses to include IPM, Water Use, and Soils would be applicable to:
  • landscape architecture/designer and related program
  • botanical gardens and arboreta
  • Facility/Maintenance personnel

Registration Instructions

     There are multiple ways to access the AZH course “Browse and Toxic Plants.” You may take the course through the AZH private academy or through San Diego Zoo Global Academy (SDZGA). Included below are instructions for each scenario. We diligently worked through each avenue, but complications may arise. You may contact the CollaborNation helpline at (888) 685- 4440.

For AZH members whose organization have a private academy: You can access the course through San Diego Zoo Global Academy. Once you join your private academy, you may need to request access to SDZGA from your administrator.

  • Login to your account. Once in, click on the drop down tab in the top right corner of your screen titled “Select a Nation”. You will see your private academy and San Diego Zoo Global Academy. Select SDZGA.
  • On the top menu bar click on Course Catalog
  • Scroll down to the “Browse by Category” menu on the right side. Click on the AZH category to pull up the course. You may also enter the course title into the search catalog bar.
  • Click on the “Learn More” button.
  • Click on the “Add to Cart” button.
  • Continue the check out process.

For AZH members who are not members of an academy: You can join the AZH Academy!
  • Click on the eLearning site button on this page:

  • Register into the CollaborNation AZH eLearning site by completing the SIGN UP form and continue through a check out process; there is a $25.00 joining fee.
  • Once in the site, click on the Course Catalog tab on the top menu bar.
  • Find the “Browse and Toxic Plants” course in the listing.
  • Click on the “Learn More” button.
  • Click on the “Add to Cart” button.

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